GCs' ludicrous idea about cervical cancer exams


Photo of a info brochure about cervical cancer prevention in German

Gender-Critical activists (as anti-trans, regressive, patriarchy-boot-lickers masquerading as feminists call themselves these days) have this ludicrous idea that trans women who have had their legal gender marker changed book cervical cancer exams with gynecologists and thereby "take important medical resources" from people who can actually get cervical cancer.

This is of course absolute nonsense and can only spring from the minds of people who desperately want to construct a threat where none exists because otherwise their lives would be so unimaginably dull and empty that they simply couldn't handle it.

Here's what actually happens:

I got a letter today from my health insurance provider (Germany, public healthcare) about cervical cancer prevention. They send these to everyone they have listed as "woman" (they only do binary gender, don't even get me started on that) and who's 35 or older. I suspect they do that once a year but I just turned 35 so we'll see.

It's a one-page letter explaining how important cancer prevention is and a little informational brochure about cervical cancer specifically. They must send out millions of these every year, it's one of the biggest insurance carriers in Germany after all.

What am I, a trans woman without a cervix, going to do with this?

Nothing. Of course I won't book an appointment for this. That would be completely nonsensical. WTF?!

Why would I go on a subway across town (during a pandemic), wait an hour or so at the gyn's office with a bunch of strangers (DID I MENTION THE FUCKING PANDEMIC?) and then get an exam that's not only entirely pointless but also uncomfortable and possibly even painful? Also, I'm trying to imgine my gyn's face in that situation. She's would justifiably look at me like "You got to be kidding me, right?". I have absolutely no reason to actually do this.

You know what? I am going to do something. I'll read this brochure. I bet there's something in there I don't already know. And the entire thing (printing, mailing, administartive stuff) will maybe have cost my health insurance like 1€ or so. And that's a fair price for some educational material.

Oh, and as soon as I potentially start being sexually active again, you know once my completely cervix-lacking vagina has fully healed from the recent revision surgery, I'll book an appointment to get my HPV vaccine. Because EVERYONE can spread this virus that causes the damn cervical cancer through sexual transmission, regerdless of gender or anatomy.