Thoughts on Dark Souls


So, I’m playing through Dark Souls 1 for the first time (before I never made it past Sen’s Fortress but I have watched a playthrough). I now have the experience of DS 2 and 3 as well as Bloodborne so it’s much easier now. Also, the remastered version helps a lot. 🔗

I’m having a really great time but having played through all the other games, I have to say: DS1 is a terrible starting point to get into these games. 🔗

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Voice Training


Ok, lets talk about voice training … 🔗

I’ve been doing professional voice training (because German health insurance pays for that without too much hassle) for about two years now and I’m at a point where I feel comfortable with my voice while at least not being clocked by everyone immediately. 🔗

There are multiple reasons to do this, they vary from person to person, and all of them are valid.

The important thing is: there is no “right” way or plan. Do whatever helps you with the problems you are facing whether that’s dysphoria, passing, or something else entirely. 🔗

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Moving away from SPAs


There’s probably like 1000 medium posts about how to move towards a single-page-application.

I’m interested in how to move away from that. How would you approach migrating from a large SPA to progressively enhanced server side rendered views without blowing up everything? 🔗

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Casual Cis People Bullshit


Thread about effects of different cis people bullshit:

(of course, my own perspective, ymmv) 🔗

I think a lot of people assume that the worst kind of hurtful communication towards trans people is the literal nazi trolls who tell you to go kill yourself via DM/Email and that everything else is easy to deal with. 🔗

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