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Esther Weidauer

Going Into Management


About 5 months ago I went from engineer to engineering team lead, doing much more management than programming since then.

I would not have believed this even just one year ago: I really like this work, I don’t want to go back and I’d like to go further into this direction. 🔗

This is not an unusual career path for developers with this many years of experience but for a long time I was afraid of it, sure I wouldn’t be the right one for this job, and would have rejected any opportunity to do it.

Well, a lot has changed over the past year. ☺️ 🔗

And without the confidence, self-esteem and personal strength I gained over this past year I sure would have been bad at this. No doubt about that. 🔗

At this point it’s pretty clear to me that I’m also just tired of talking to machines. I probably have been for a couple years already but didn’t have anything else to do for work. Not anymore though 😁 🔗

I used to spend the day coding and dreading every single meeting that I had to attend (which weren’t many) because of insecurity and social anxiety.

Now I’m mildly bored when I have to do some programming and I don’t mind a day that’s filled with meetings. 🔗