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Esther Weidauer

Esther’s Wishlist

Almost every time someone asks me, if I have a wish for my birthday, Christmas or any other gift-giving opportunity, I completely blank out and have zero ideas.

So, here’s a continually updated wish list of stuff that I would really appreciate, from small things all the way to quite large ones.


I really like consumable gifts like bath stuff or things to cook with, eat, or drink. Some examples:

(alcohol is fine, but I only use it for cooking)


If the original in written in English, I always prefer that over a German translation.

Art, Trinkets and Nice Things


Movies ideally on Blu-Ray, DVD also works. Original audio is very important to me.

Music on vinyl:


Photography Stuff

Kitchen Stuff

Yes, I’m in the part in my life where I appreciate nice kitchen equipment as gifts.