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Esther Weidauer

Camille Fournier: The Manager's Path


Book cover: The Manager's Path

Just finished reading “The Manager’s Path” by Camille Fournier. I saw myself (and my mistakes) in so many of the situations she describes and I think it leaves me more accepting of those mistakes instead of blaming myself and looking more towards doing better and learning from them.

I see why so many people praise this book so much. It really is that good.

This book covers most roles from leading a small team of software developers all the way to the CEO of a whoel company, all in a very condensed form without any unnecessary fluff.

I recommend it to anyone who’s on a managemnt career path in the tech industry, but also to people who maybe aren’t managers themselves but want to understand that part of the work better, get more out of their 1:1 talks and generally have a more effective work relationship with their manager.

It doesn’t take long to read in total and it also comes in nice short chunks that you can finish one-at-a-time.