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Review: FUN FACTORY Volta

Something I usually don't write: a sex-toy review about the fucking best vibrator! (according to me)


Content note: sex, sex toys, genitals, dysphoria (no details), transition

Front view of the Volta, a purple vibrator with a tapered silicone body that ends in a spit tongue-like pieces. Very blurry background with purple/blue lighting and christmas lights

(I’m not being paid for this review and the Volta I own was not provided as a review unit. I just really want to talk about this thing and I hope this information proves useful for others.)

As long-time readers of this website or my social media channels may know, I’m a trans woman who had “bottom surgery” (a combined vulvaplasty and vaginoplasty) in 2019 and a second part of it in 2020. Before that, my dysphoria got so bad for several years, any sexual activity was out of the question. I described this in detail in “Dysphoria and Surviving It”, if you want to know all the horrible details that I won’t repeat here. This post is about far more enjoyable things.

After I had fully recovered from the two surgeries and made good progress with dilation which took well into 2021, I basically started learning about my own physical sexuality again from zero. I literally had new body parts to understand and to find out how to have fun with them. It seemed obvious to give some toys a try that were intended for this arrangement of genitals.

It turns out this was much more difficult than I had hoped. Most dildos and vibrators that are intended for penetration are made for the vaginas that people have from birth and those on average tend to be wider and much more flexible than the aftermarket models than can be installed surgically. That means a lot of toys are either too big, too hard, and usually both. And the ones that have good vibration motors are often completely stiff which can be very uncomfortable. The dilators I’ve been using since surgery are actually made from a much softer silicone than most sex toys but since those are strictly associated with medical maintenance in my brain, they don’t really get the mood going.

After some disappointments and even painful attempts I mostly resorted to fingers and an external vibrator, a We-Vibe Wish which I can also recommend, because vibration is definitely nice. I personally like a low frequency and strong amplitude, more of a rumble really. Sadly that also means I’d have to look at the premium end of the toy market. Cheaper vibrators often have more of a buzzing feeling and that doesn’t do it for me. Even heavy hitters like the famous Magic Wand, although good in the amplitude department, still have a far too high frequency for my taste, and they’re also for external use, which I have already covered with the Wish.

Enter, the Volta by FUN FACTORY!

Side view of the Volta, same background. Here the white handle with three buttons on top is visible

In short: I absolutely love this thing!

I would argue this is one of the best, and THE best for me personally, vibrators for trans women (and other people) with neo-vaginas. This is because it solves all of the aforementioned problems. It’s body is soft and flexible, the tip is small and thin and slowly gets wider toward the base so you can go as deep and wide as you like without forcing anything. The curved shape also makes it great for external use. You can just press it onto or slide it over your labia and/or clitoris and absorb its vibrations without any penetration at all. And those are some of the best vibrations I’ve had so far. It starts at a very low intensity and has several levels you can go through as well as very nice pulsing modes that are just the right tempo to fall in sync with breathing or other rhythmic movements. It all falls into place very nicely in both shape and movement.

And about that movement:

Animated GIF loop of the Volta's tips vibrating and flapping against each other in a pulsing pattern

It has two flapping and vibrating tongues! and they do many of the things that human tongues also do, plus more. These feel great even without the vibration. They have just the right softness and firm tension, it’s awesome. And you can place things between them, like a clitoris, a penis, nipples, fingers, ears I guess. Seriously I haven’t seen any other toy yet that can do this and it’s still a great vibrator at the same time.

The Volta comes with a USB-A charging cable that snaps to the base magnetically. The battery has never run out on me so far. It seems to last a very long time and charging it up to 100% also is pretty quick. I usually plug it in after cleaning for a bit and it’ll be ready for next time. Unless you keep it unused for months it’ll hold a good charge and stay ready.

It is made of silicone so don’t use it with silicone based lube. Since the tips are pretty thin, they might take damage from silicone lube quite easily.

I don’t want to keep the downsides from you though, and there are a few:

It’s not a great toy for sharing when you require barriers. Using the Volta with a condom on it removes a major part of it: the split tongue tips. It still works as a very good vibrator, but it does loose a major feature.

Same goes for cleaning. The complex shape makes it a bit harder to clean and disinfect. Nothing too serious, but it’s not as simple as with other toys that have simpler shapes. Take care to properly clean the space between the tips!

For these reasons I don’t see it as a great sharing toy, at least not without extended cleaning effort between uses.

Another issue is the handle. It can be a bit small if you have large hands and it’s easy to accidentally hit the buttons when you’re trying to apply some pressure. I definitely got used to it though and it’s not an issue anymore after a while.

At around 110€ it’s not exactly cheap too.

This toy is amazing to use on myself and others. It works with various genital arrangements but I especially appreciate how well it works with neo-vaginas where other toys fail. You can use it in very interactive ways for example by moving it like a big tongue which is a lot of fun solo and with partners, or to stimulate various other body regions as the flapping tips can feel quite interesting on skin. Its motor also has a pleasant sound which is a big plus.

I love the Volta and I can’t recommend it enough. And I hope this review can help someone who finds themselves in the same situation as I did after surgery. This might me the toy for you too. 💜